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35 ♦ Icon Quest ~ Chapter 1 ~ Set 1

For my first theiconquest set I thought I would focus on the adventure that takes place in Final Fantasy IV, the first Final Fantasy I ever played. I picked parts out of the story that I found interesting and used them as inspiration for most of my icons (latter ones are just misc), as well as pieces of music. I've included the little quotes in case anybody's interested. I also included which class I'll be getting points for at the quest.


1 (Hero)

The Prelude

2 (Bard)

"I know it is not my place to ask, Your Majesty, and I pray you can forgive my indiscretion. But what is it you aim to do? Your ways are not as they once were. My men's hearts grow heavy with misgiving."

3 (Rogue)

"I've worn this darkened armor for so long now. There's no mote of light left in me. Not even in my heart."

"You're a good man, Cecil."

"I'm a coward. A coward who cannot even defy orders he knows he ought not follow."

4 (Bard)

"You're the one who killed her dragon?"

"Forgive us. We'd no idea this would happen to your mother."

"His Majesty sent us to eliminate every last one of these people."

5 (Bard)

"My daughter Anna was tricked by a silver-tongued bard. He's taken her to Damcyan Castle. I fear I've little time. I sense something sinister."

6 (Rogue)

"Edward... I can be with you but for this moment. The Spirit calls me onward, to become a part of it again."

"Don't leave me, Anna."

"Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the Crystals. You gave your love to me once. Now share it with all the world."

7 (Wizard)

"We can't make you do it. But unless we make it through here to Fabul, a lot of other people will be hurt. I know it's not easy, Rydia, but please... you must be brave!"

"Rydia, you did it! That was incredible!"

8 (Hero)

"Your armor would have you for one of Baron's own dark knights. Why should I trust you?"

"Their trustworthiness is proven, Your Highness. I had already lost my men, and fought for my own life when they came upon me. They could have stood and watched me die, but they aided me instead."

9 (Bard)

"Kain! You're alive!"

"I am."

"You'll fight, then?"

"Of course. That's the very reason I've come. But, Cecil... the one I'll fight is you!"

10 (Rogue)

"I am the oarsman who will ferry you beyond the veil. The Blighted Despot, Scarmiglione - archfiend of earth, and first of Golbez's circle of four! My undead children hunger to feassst upon your flesh!"


11 (Rogue)

"Long have I awaited this - the day that you would come. A tragedy unfolds now which pains me more than you can know. To end it, I will gift to you my light. Though in so doing, I condemn myself to sorrow greater still. But the hour is late. no other road remains."

"The time has come. Bid farewell to your bloodstained past."

12 (Wizard)

"He cannot refuse. We hold Rosa. We could offer an exchange - the Crystal for her life."

"I am more than Cecil will ever be. You'll see that soon enough."

13 (Wizard)

"I have no business with you, old man."

"Oh, but I have some with you! The business of the father of a murdered daughter!"

14 (Bard)

"No need for teary good-byes - I'm only going to make a few upgrades! You kids just wait here. I'll be back before you even start to miss me!"

"Cid... be careful."

"Oh, don't you go falling in love with me too now, Rosa!"

15 (Hero)

"The land of the Eidolons?"

"The Feymarch - the place they call home. I lived among them and befriended them. I can't use white magic anymore, but my summoning and black magic have grown stronger. Time flows differently in the Feymarch, though..."


16 (Hero)

"I'm Prince Edge of Eblan!"

"Eblan? I'm afraid I do not know the place of which you speak."

"Then let me help you remember!"

17 (Hero)

"Heh... don't mistake me for some pampered prince. The Eblanese royal family is heir to the secrets of the ninja masters of old. I don't need help from lesser men!"

18 (Hero)

"You underestimate the strength of my abilities. I had but slackened your friend's leash, waiting for the proper moment to pull it taut. With this final Crystal, the Tower of Babil will be made complete. Come, Kain!"

19 (Rogue)

"And so I used my powers to force him into hibernation with the others. But as he slept, his will grew stronger and took on a consciousness all its own. It reached out to men with tainted hearts on your planet, twisting them into beings yet darker still. And through them, he began to gather the crystals."

20 (Wizard)

"How I yearned for this! When last we met, you taught me a great truth... that many are more powerful than one."

21 (Rogue)

"I fought him... I hated him. My own brother."

"You are my brother."

22 (Rogue)

23 (Rogue)

24 (Hero)

25 (Rogue)

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