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22 September 2014 @ 05:25 pm
Since the general consensus seems to be that we need more time (hell I certainly do too, super busy rn), I'm gonna extend until the 11th of October. That's almost 3 weeks, so I hope this helps everybody out!

I'm still awaiting icons from:
superjesster, lu_hesperia, deternot, adriftingsea, kayable, astrokittie, dashberlin, margerydaw_s2, pamkips, petite_tomate, yachiru, cool_spectrum, takonasu, eotheod, emiels, alisea_dream, absolutelybatty

06 September 2014 @ 05:07 pm

I've had some suggestions to have a place where people can share rejects/wips and give feedback and stuff, so feel free to go hog wild in here! Also feel free to discuss how you're doing with your icons so far in general.

Don't forget that the deadline is September 26th! like i almost did NOW THE 11TH OF OCTOBER
22 August 2014 @ 09:09 pm

KAY WANTED A SPAM POST SO SHE'S GETTING A SPAM POST. talk about the battle or w/e here. hell do whatever you want. you could even make mini inspo posts about the themes if you really wanted.

behave yourselves, bc i'm gonna get back to playing tales of xillia 2 now
16 August 2014 @ 08:54 am
HERE is an icon dump for various challenges and stuff I've been entering over the past few months (and maybe like 5 icons I made just because). I have been trying to post this for WEEKS but every time I wanted to my internet slowed down.

16 Animanga: 1 Akuma no Riddle, 2 Aldnoah.Zero, 2 Ao Haru Ride, 1 Death Billiards, 3 Fate/Zero, 1 Gurren Lagann, 2 Kill la Kill, 1 Mawaru Penguindrum, 2 Mekakucity Actors, 1 Sailor Moon

28 Video Games: 2 Ar Tonelico, 1 Atelier Ayesha, 2 Digital Devil Saga, 1 Fire Emblem, 1 Kingdom Hearts, 1 Mana Khemia, 2 Mass Effect, 3 Muramasa Rebirth, 4 Odin Sphere, 1 Persona 2, 3 Persona 3, 3 Persona 4, 1 Tales of the Abyss, 1 Tales of Graces, 1 Tales of Xillia, 1 Transistor

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